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You can learn some more advanced FIFA 17 functionality

FIFA 17’s new Active intelligence system means players are smarter, more active off the ball and react to better define space," explains FIFA 17 Producer Aaron McHardy. It’s also a mode that will allow players to learn about the sport but just as importantly get familiar with the game - you can learn the fundamentals of FIFA and some of the more advanced functionality through playing. Any player that completes The Journey should not only have a great time but come out the other side with the ability to play the game at an even better level.
We worked with Marco Reus, an expert in creating space to understand how he helps his team mates to link up with him. According to FUThead.com, "the top of the crest now protrudes out to create depth between the curve and the outlines" and that "FIFA 17's diagonal stripes texture is also in use continuing the theme of FUT items adopting the overall game's branding style for that year."
Aside from these, Trusted Reviews will unveil the new face of "FIFA 17" and it's not going to be Messi. FIFA 17’s bed is still warm, and yet it’s time to get back on the feedback trail once more for FIFA 17 and beyond. It may seem early to be doing so, but with the way EA’s development cycles work, now really is the time to be getting your ideas in. EA will read this, we assure you.
The new face of "FIFA 17" is going to be a German footballer, Marco Reus. It is interesting to hear a developer talk openly about the previous game’s shortcomings. FIFA 17 wasn’t entirely heralded when it first arrived, particularly in the light of staunch competition from Pro Evolution Soccer. But following a hefty amount of updating is now a highly accomplished game of football. “We did one of the biggest gameplay patches in FIFA history on 17 because of feedback,” says Prior. 
Below we’ve posted a few of our own wishes for FIFA 17 Career Mode to help start the discussion and get the ideas flowing. This stuff is really important guys and if you look at the list we made last year, both Training and Pre-season changes made the retail disk. So have a read, and then join the discussion. A lot of people had issues with the passing. We’re continuously updating the game and refining and tuning the game. 
Thousands and thousands of QA hours go into testing, but literally one minute after launch there’s been more playing of the game than there has been during development because there are so many people; all with very different playing styles. It’s practically impossible to cover every eventuality in FIFA 17 gameplay so that’s why we occasionally do post-launch patches. After a while, it becomes second nature," Reus told EA Sports You then also know how to read movements, and everything just runs on instinct In FIFA 17, every player on the pitch has a heightened awareness of space," McHardy continued.
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