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What’s the Surprise of FIFA 18 about the Soundtrack and Songs

FIFA, a popular football game among football fans especially those cannot play on the pitch in person, not only contributes to the link between fans and famous football clubs but also to the connection between music fans and artists since the publishers of EA Sports devoted to make it perfect in almost every aspect. Here just provides some evidence of the music and soundtrack of FIFA 17 and look forward to the surprise of FIFA 18.

Almost One Fifth of the Songs Firstly Come into Our Sight in FIFA 17
Players may get crazy about FIFA 17 songs. However, most of them know little about the story behind. Steve Schnur and Cyebele Pettus, respectively the president and director of Music Department of EA, has always endeavored to seek association with independent studios and work together with them to create wonderful music for FIFA 17 or previous FIFA series. They have almost uploaded 50 original songs or radios of soundtrack and all of them enjoyed great success. The superstar Zedd even addressed his Adrenaline to FIFA. The song was produced on his 27th birthday. Here is a list of the main songs and soundtrack of FIFA 17. Please choose your favorite one. 
FIFA 17-Famous Songs and Soundtrack

The Surprise of FIFA 18
Steve and his team has made great progress in collecting materials for FIFA 18. It is said that they even have a record of fricative in the real situation. So what’s your feeling will be of  FIFA 18?  It is gonna help you to be on the real pitch even though you are in the virtual world. The notion of music and high demand of unique and proper songs have always been the main idea of Steve Schnur. He aimed to cater to all players’ flavor in the following season.
  FIFA 18-Steve Schnur  
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