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Use 4-3-3 formation score more goals in FIFA 17

FIFA 17 has released a long time and if you are a football video fans, you must have tried it. Have you found there are something different from previous version? Yes, the FIFA formula has changed and scored goals in FIFA 17 has become difficult. FIFA 17 is developed by EA Canada and published by EA. Scoring goals in FIFA 17 is tough – largely because of all the changes EA Canada made to the FIFA formula. This means formation has a much bigger impact than it did in previous games. And we should know that the set piece has rewritten.
Players in FIFA 17 can experience a new way to attack and position the ball with the ball-handling skills. Game shot into the penalty mechanism will be used. Active Intelligence System was added to make the team's performance is more active than before, improving the gaming experience radically. The FIFA 17 customization options will also be new. Thankfully, there’s an easy fix. Use the 4-3-3 formation. Yep, that’s the same setup as Barcelona’s “MSN” trio… and look how well it’s working out for them.
Now, this is a really aggressive setup, so you’ll need your three strongest strikers up front. Put your best scorer in the middle – and the two pacier players on the wings. You’ll need a strong CAM, someone like Paul Pogba or Luka Modric, behind them – to deliver pinpoint passes and penetrating through balls. Oh, and don’t forget about driven shots. To pull one off,  get into the 18-yard box, hold down Circle or B to power up your shot. Just as your player is about to hit the ball, press Circle or B again to get some power behind it.
What’s more, the frostbite engine and new story mode are the most highlights in this year’s FIFA 17. Better known for being the driving force behind games such as Battlefield, the Frostbite engine has come to FIFA for the first time. What this means is a more realistic, immersive football experience. Lighting and shadows, textures, colors, animations, all have been given a makeover for FIFA 17 thanks to Frostbite. Shadows will cast more accurately, lighting will disperse through the air, the grass is less vibrant but more textured. All examples of little touches applied through Frostbite. And people are addict in the new story mode with Alex Hunter. 
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