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The main selling points must be the new story mode Journey and the new frostbite engine in FIFA 17

FIFA Series have been always popular. The football game produced by EA Sports and EA Sports is adept in developing sports game. Different from the past, FIFA 17 is more expected. Why? Because it’s said that it have more interesting changes compared to its predecessor. EA revealed that they have made a lot of changes to the flow of the moment to moment gameplay: more control, more moves and stances available, better physics, more ways to hit the ball, more realistic responses, and just generally, a move towards trying to make the player feel as though they are one part of a team playing on a field, and not just a lone wolf. 
Apart from that, the main selling points must be the new story mode “Journey” and the new frostbite engine. FIFA 17 promises to be one of the more substantial updates the series has had in years- two big reasons for this appear to be that the game is finally running on Frostbite engine, which the folks at DICE had developed, instead of EA Sports’ proprietary Ignite Engine, and the addition of the Story Mode to the game. And as it turns out, the two are related: in their Gamescom update for the game this year (via Pure PlayStation), EA Sports revealed that the Story Mode was only made possible because of them using the Frostbite Engine for this game. 
What about the story mode ? Marcus Rush Crawford was a 19-year-old boy who born in Manchester who is the protagonist in FIFA 17.He was a nobody in the earlier years. Everything has changed in February when he scored twice against Arsenal. Nowadays he was a member of England squad and joining in European football championship which is held in France. The FIA 17 fans all like this story which Rush Crawford experienced: a young man has talent raised in his hometown team. 
It’s nearly becoming a tradition in the long history of England football, from Preston legend Sir Tom Finney's team to Bolton legend Nat Luofu Te House, then (probably more familiar with Chinese fans) debut at Newcastle United's Paul Gascoigne, they all started in his hometown team and are loved by the locals. The story of Crawford will be added to the FIFA 17 in the new mode “Journey” where a man named Alex Hunter of London will start his football dream trip. This is the first attempt of FIFA Series since 23 years ago. The creative director Matt Prior of FIFA 17 talked about the role of  Hunt: “Hunter’s grandfather was a legendary figure of British football in 1960s. Apparently there are many difference of football in that time. 
And they played football because they loved this sports, rather than a group of millionaires played football today. And Hunter’s father was also a promising player, but he had to leave the pitch because of an injury prematurely. In FIFA 17, Hunter is a normal man, not born with a silver spoon in his mouth but the football genes has been integrated into his blood. ” It all sounds like it will add up to a substantial change for this year’s game over the previous few years’entries. FIFA 17 is due out in September on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC.
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