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Take a look at these bargain goalscorers in FIFA 17: Moses Simon

FIFA Series is the most popular sports game produced by EA. FIFA 17 is coming soon. Recently a lot FIFA 17 news has released. We all know this time FIFA 17 has added a new story mode “Journey” and used a new engine “frost” into FIFA 17. FIFA 17 is scheduled officially on sale on September 27, landing platform for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. And this time FIFA 17 has a great development in improving to get great images and developing innovative gaming system to keep FIFA Series popular. Except for these new features, FIFA 17’ career mode will be more interesting.
In the past FIFA games, the board just have a simple but ambitious aims. FIFA 17 adds different aims for both short and long term goals of the club. It’s just like in real football. I think the players will be very exhilarated in it. What’s more, the game mode is starting to resemble Franchise mode in Madden NFL. For those of you who are like me, you can be a finance nerd and finally see where your revenue comes from.
The game will give you a breakdown of how profitable your club is, what your income sources are and your expenses. Some of that will be controllable, which will be key as you will now be judged by your performance both on and off the field. Financials, global brand reach, your youth system, and on-the-field success all count now and are ranked differently per club. We're kicking off with strikers, because everyone loves a good striker. So let’s take a look at bargain goalscorers.
Moses Simon
Simon is a seriously athletic forward, boasting some impressive physical and pace stats. His 91 acceleration and sprint speed already puts him in the very top bracket of the game's fastest players, but with 93 agility, 91 balance and 88 jumping, Simon is a physical freak who causes havoc in opposition defences. Throw in five star weak foot and four star skill moves, as well as decent shooting stats, and you've got a real player on your hands. At 21, he has a decade of quality football ahead of him too. Whatever you have to pay for him, he'll be worth it.
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