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How to make fast bucks in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

There is a new FIFA 17 Weekend League in FIFA 17 that players can earn a spot in by playing a daily knockout tournament. Weekend Leagues aren't a pickup game that you wander into, it's a competitive game mode with big rewards. Firstly in the FUT Championship of FIFA 17, you can participtate in the weekly competition. And if you participate in the Weekend league you will at least get a bronze reward, and if you win you have a chnce to get impressive kit. The better you do, the higher you will climb on monhtly leaderboards. Qualification will begin in October, but players must participate in the FUT tournament mode before qualification. 
In addition to winning matches and leagues, you can make fast bucks in Ultimate Team by working the market like a digital appy “Arry”. And Players with enough skill can move up to the EA Sports FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship Series and the FIFA Interactive World Cup. There is a $1.3 Million prize pool on the line. But many find the prospect of doing so intimidating. Over to Reddit user KavMaaan, whose techniques mirror mine almost exactly. I have 7-8 players who I shop for at a certain price and then immediately relist for a 30% Buy Now mark-up. 
That alone easily generates upwards of 2,000 coins per day. If I didn't have a job, I'd be into five figures in an afternoon. Distressingly, Ultimate Team coins don't pay mortgages. In order to build a great team, it’s necessary to learn “trade players”. So the way to make fast bucks in Ultimate Team exists. The first way to trade players is via Market Trading. In market trading, it enables you to make multiple trading and eventually gives you the ability to buy and sell in bulk. To carry out the trading, first select the players that are in demand and find the lowest price of the player and increase 100-200. 
Following this, you can keep selling the players and earn extra coins from each player you sell. "The truth is, you can buy ANY player low and sell him high," writes KevMaaan. There's no secret player or special card that makes fast cash. I have chosen about 12 players at the mo, and I've learned their price. I "mass bid" them and aim to win about 60% of the auctions I bid. On most of my purchases, I only make say 100-300 coins. If I win 10 items, I've made 3k. It's that easy."
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