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How to do finishing moves in FIFA 17: Part 3

FIFA 17 is scheduled to be released on 27 September 2016 in North America and 29 September 2016 for the rest of the world, landing platform for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. So that means it’s released now and have you tried it? Compare to its previous version, FIFA 17 need a rising capacity and the price is little higher. You have very much combination to choose. May you will ask about the increasing capacity. So you know FIFA 17 has used the new frostbite engine firstly. And the engine can support large game and deal with the scene and player mode better.
FIFA 17 has added a lot of new football teams. Japan J1 league and Brazil has joined. You can enjoy the famous player in the game. Although Chinese Super League has not joined in FIFA 17, FIFA 17 has got the official four Chinese football clubs authorization. We can expect Chinese Super League appeared in FIFA 18. Apart from these, FIFA 17 has added a lot new features include new attacking techniques, physical player overhaul, active intelligence system and set piece rewrite. All of these make you control the ball free. With these changes you can have a really wonderful game experience in FIFA 17. But at the same time, you should learn how to operate it again. Here you can know how to do finishing moves in FIFA 17:
The Salute - Hold R1 press triangle/Hold RB press Y
Chest Thump - Hold R2 Flick RS ↓↓/Hold RT Flick RS ↓↓
Glamour Slide - Hold R1 flick RS ←←/Hold RB flick RS ←←
KO - Hold L1 double tap Square/Hold LB double tap X
Motorbike - Hold L1 Hold RS ↓/Hold LB Hold RS ↓
Right Here Right Now - Hold R1 press Circle/Hold RB press B
Hand Bite - Hold L2 flick RS ↓↑/Hold LT flick RS ↓↑
Stand Tall - Hold R1 Hold RS ←/Hold RB Hold RS ←
Kiss the Wrist - Hold L2 double tap Circle/Hold LT double tap B
Old Man - hold L2 press R3/Hold LT Click RS
Calm Down - Hold L1 double tap Triangle/Hold LB double tap Y
The Bear - Hold L1 Hold RS ↑/Hold LB Hold RS ↑
Bailando Robot - Hold L1 Flick RS ↑↓/Hold LB Hold RS ↑↓
Muevelo - Hold L1 Flick RS →←/Hold LB Flick RS →←
Patty Cake - Hold L1 flick RS →→/Hold LB flick RS →→
Muscle Flex - Hold R1 flick RS ↑↓/Hold RB flick RS ↑↓
Push Ups - Hold R1 flick RS →←/Hold RB flick RS →←
The Worm - Hold R1 rotate RS 360 degrees clockwise/
Hold RB rotate RS 360 degrees clockwise
Dance - Hold R1 flick RS ↓↓/Hold RB flick RS ↓↓
Prancing Bird - Hold R1 press Square/Hold RB press X
Gallop Dance - Hold L1 press R3/Hold LB click RS
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