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French Commentators of FIFA 18: Pierre Menes and Hervé Mathoux

Game Commentary plays an important role in an video game. And EA Sports always spared no efforts to take after every aspect of its production —FIFA series.From its various platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, (FIFA 18 is said to be open to Switch), fantasy graphics, advanced frostbite (FIFA 17 was armed with Frostbite 3) to its unique graphics.What’s more, game commentary also deserves the attention. Players are often amazed at EA Sports’ progress made in the game commentary.

Numerous Options of Language
In accordance with practice, EA Sports will appoint two game commentators for one language. And in the recent years we have been feasted by a lot of famous as well as professional game commentators. The main types of language included English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Here I have listed some popular game commentators of FIFA Series in the past years since that of FIFA 18 has not been announced yet except the French. Some of them are not only a media person but also a specialist of football game.

FIFA 18-Game Commentators of FIFA Series

Pierre Menes and Hervé Mathoux

I guess you must heard about Pierre Menes since he ever worked as a commentator for FIFA 10. Such a long history showed his preference for FIFA series and also proved the success of EA Sports. Pierre Menes was also a journalist specialized in sports. Before he established a friendly relationship with EA, he had cultivated his own fans. Hervé Mathouxwas is a host of French television. And he has fostered a deep love of soccer since he was young. And to my surprise, Mathoux has been a commentator of FIFA for 10 years since FIFA 08. This year he will continue his cooperation with EA.The previous identity of a journalist make their comment more colorful multidimensional.

FIFA 18-French commentators

Remarks of FIFA ’s Game Commentary
Players praised the game commentary of FIFA series. They mentioned that although game commentators has recorded their comment in advance, theirs were still as real as they had played on the pitch. Their cheers and cries out of alarm perfectly cater to the scene.
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