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FIFA 17 will come back with a big upgrade

Will EA come back with a big FIFA 17 upgrade that delivers more than a stats update and a roster upgrade? So far the plans are bold, with a new engine and new AI, but we are waiting for actual gamers to share FIFA 17 gameplay videos to see how it shapes up on the actual pitch. Premier League side Crystal Palace’s players probably didn’t consider this on a tour of developer EA Canada’s Vancouver studio to see FIFA 17 last week. The enhancement of most consequence is the Active Intelligence System. 
Images shared by various players on Instagram – which were swiftly deleted after the fact, but not before they'd gone viral – show wingers Yannick Bolasie and Andros Townsend studying a large cut-out card depicting fellow wideman Wilfried Zaha on a gold background. FIFA’s AI has been rightly criticised for years, but that all changes in FIFA 17. Teammates no longer run in a predicable direct line to goal. They have more tact and are smarter at running into space – including running into bad positions to make more space for other teammates. In an hour of gameplay, it was only obvious during a few quality through-balls. 
But creative AI should be a subtle improvement, if it’s to remain imaginative for the duration of a long season. Real grounds are a focal point of realism for many fans, so the news that FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou is exclusive to PES 2017 is a bitter blow. In its place, we should get Middlesbrough’s Riverside Stadium after the club’s promotion to the officially-licensed-in-FIFA-17 English Premier League, but that hardly seems a fair trade-off. 
One new location officially confirmed is Suita City Football Stadium, home to Gamba Osaka. Junichi Inamoto’s former club are one of 18 Japanese teams making their debuts in FIFA 17. What gamers need to know about the FIFA 17 release date and features. EA’s newest annual football game, FIFA 17, has been confirmed for release September 29 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Origin for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Among the games, there are scenes from Alex’s childhood and later life along with rival and friend Gareth Walker.
Alex’s moves and utterances are chosen by the player at key-decision-making points and all have a profound effect on the match plot. Official FIFA 17 graphics like this image of Eden Hazard will leave you wondering what is real and what is CG. What gamers need to know about the FIFA 17 release date and features. An element of surprise. In addition to staples such as Ultimate Team, EA Canada is introducing a second type of career mode called The Journey.
In it you play as an upcoming Premier League prospect Alex Hunter who is going to start his career in any of the 20 English Premier League clubs at the outset. FIFA 17, new game play from EA Sports featuring Screenshot of gameplay featuring Anthony Martial. While we are in 2016, we are actually waiting for the FIFA 17 release date since EA releases these games for the upcoming season. We’ve heard from some users who have purchased the wrong version of FIFA in the past, so it is worth mentioning that you should wait for the FIFA 17 release date.
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