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FIFA 17 Update 2.0 fix the character likeness of players and more

Thanks to the frostbite engine, the scene of FIFA 17 has improved greatly. And FIFA 17 has achieved great success this year. The new frostbite engine works well and bring the game better experience. But according to Twinfinite, "FIFA 17" had problems with the faces of the players that some of them weren't accurate enough. Now after the FIFA 17 1.02 patch on PS4 and Xbox One, in a week filled with news surrounding Dishonored 2, the PS4 pro and multiple FPS titles, FIFA 17 underwent its second major update on the PC, Xbox One and PS4.
One of the issues that the patch update fixed was on the character likeness of the players.  The patch update has finally fixed this and according to the site the players' faces have been rendered and they now represent the real players more accurately. Another issue that the patch update for "FIFA 17" has resolved has to do with the kit that the gamers chose prior to playing the game. According to Twinfinite players complained that the kit they chose didn't appear when they started playing the game but the patch update has fixed this and there will be no more errors in having the selected kits appear in the game.
The patch also resolved the issue involving black custom kits. Most football referees sport black kits and when gamers play with a team that also sports black custom kits the players clash with the referee's outfit, but the patch update has resolved this issue as well. Another issue that the patch update has fixed in "FIFA 17" has to do with the frame-rate during a pre-match.
According to players during a pre-match skill game the frame rate dropped down resulting in stuttering but the patch update has fixed this and there will be no more lags or stuttering. Prior to the patch there was also a glitch in the audience in the game, particularly on the Spanish audience. Before the patch update the Spanish audience's reaction didn't match the real reaction of those who watch Real Madrid or Deportivo games. But with the patch update this issue has been fixed and "FIFA 17" is now using authentic audio from the Spanish crowd whenever their team scores a goal.
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