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Compare PES 2017 and FIFA 17 from the aspects of online issues

This year FIFA 17 has gotten 8.4 by IGN. And PES 2017 has gotten assessment of 9.5 by IGN. To be honest, I think the evaluation of PES 2017 is really high. But when these two games released in UK, we are surprised by the result. In the first week, FIFA 17 has sold 20 times than PES 2017. And FIFA 17 continued its dominance by staying at the number 1 spot, fending off Gears of War 4, just like it did with Mafia 3 the week before. So which is the winner? Here we will compare PES 2017 and FIFA 17 from the aspects of multi- player.
Online issues continue to plague the PES series. Even though the overall multiplayer online experience is better in PES 2017 compared with its predecessor, it is still too slow and laggy to the point that gameplay is hugely compromised. At times, I could not even find an opponent to play against. The server also went down a couple of times during the review. On the other hand, FIFA 17 shines in the multiplayer realm. We know that FIFA 17 has a popular mode FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. It’s not appearing firstly. And FIFA 17 has some huge changed in career mode this year. I could find opponents quickly and there was virtually no lag during the matches.
There were also plenty of different multiplayer modes that I could play, ranging from seasons to creating or joining a club to play 11 vs 11. Just like in real football team. What’s more, FIFA 17 has added a new story mode and new frostbite engine. These are the most highlights of FIFA 17. And the new features in FIFA 17 include new attacking techniques, physical player overhaul, active intelligence system and set piece rewrite. New Attacking Techniques and the Set Piece Rewrite let you Own Every Moment in FIFA 17. 
New intelligence system make your football teams more clever and it increase the interestingness of the football video game. Physical overhaul also make the game more real. Verdict: Despite numerous sleepless nights playing FIFA 17 and PES 2017, I am still torn between the two. If gameplay is all you care, then the PES 2017 is the one to get. But in terms of overall presentation, graphics, licensing and multiplayer experience, FIFA 17 will be the one to pick.
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