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Brazilian Ronaldo Will Join in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team and Play for FUT Champions?

The release date of FIFA 18 might be forced to confirm on 29th , September. It is a joke. But there are some people justifying the news. They claim that they have got exactly the answer. However,EA sports may intend to keep the secret until they cannot bear the extreme enthusiasm of FIFA fans. So some pictures of FIFA 18 is said to be given away. Who knows something about the invisible power behind those messages? Another issue about FIFA 18 has been hotly discussed these days. A news about Ronaldo who is said to be about to appear in FUT.

FUT Champions of FIFA 18
FUT Champion became a trait of FIFA 17 last year. In addition, you will only get access to it on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. And it is a title given to the weekend league which has won at least 5 matches in the previous weekend. So it is a great honor to all professional teams. Of course it is attractive to those professional footballers too. You are gonna have a gold cup in FIFA 18 according to the exposed picture. And you will also be forced to know or maybe you are willing to know the FUT generations of the past weekends. Pretty short period, isn’t it? But it does make sense when your favorite player shows up in the game.
FIFA 18-FUT Champions

Ronaldo Luiz Nazario De Lima  
Brazilian Ronaldo has already retired several years ago. Nonetheless his legend victory still remains in our mind. He was even named in the FIFA 100 which closely linked him with FIFA. It is undoubtedly that he lacks nothing about the honor in the football field. Whether he will join the ultimate team of FIFA 18 or not won’t have any impact on him. But it means a lot to his supporters. They hope to see the classical character in the football game.
  FIFA 18-Ronaldo  

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